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Message jewelry for social justice allies, advocates, and activists

"I adore my new cuff. It looks awesome while I play #darksiders 💜"

Here is how one customer displays the cuff. How fun and creative!

I am allergic to racism 💪🏼 #powerofpeace #socialjusticejewelry #mlkday

"Picked up an “I’m allergic to HOMOPHOBIA” cuff bracelet"

at the @blantonmuseum gift shop during my #ThirdThursday visit. #iamallergictohomophobia #powerofpeace #shoplocal #madeinaustin

"LISTEN UP! I have a life-threatening allergy!"


Who We Are

Photo of founder Alaine Hutson with cornrowed hair chin resting on hand with three stainless steel cuff bracelets on arm in and dog tag necklace. She is wearing a maroon scoop next shirt.

African American Woman-Owned

Social Justice Jewelry was founded by Alaine Hutson and is an African American, woman-owned business based in Austin, TX. Alaine had been approached by people who made remarks that denigrate others. She wanted it to stop. Using her training as a metalsmith, she created the “Allergy” cuff and the #powerofpeace logo in 2016 as a way to let others know, like a medical alert bracelet, that social injustice is bad for your health.

A picture of a black microscope over a black microwelding probe with sparks flying from the tip and hands holding jewelry being welded and with red handled pliers on a wooden surface.

Artisan Made

Social Justice Jewelry is message jewelry that is stamped, shaped, fabricated, welded, painted, and finished in house with hand tools or hand operated machinery. Sometimes sparks fly!

A green and purple patterned background with blue and green writing on a white background that says Social Justice Jewelry promotes: Respect Intersectionality Inclusivity Timeliness Empowerment Expression and has a circular powerofpeace logo.

Values Driven

Respect and dignity for all. 
Intersectionality because all oppression is  connected! 
Inclusivity We are size inclusive. We see you and make jewelry for you too! 
Timeliness promoting current causes in a modern and innovative way. 
Empower our customers to make a difference in your communities.
Expression of personal values and beliefs through meaningful jewelry.