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Alaine Hutson Creator of Social Justice Jewelry
Social Justice Jewelry is an African American, woman-owned business based in Austin, TX. This is jewelry with a message of peace and strength in the face of all the social injustices out there.
Alaine Hutson at the jeweler's bench
We were tired of hearing and seeing remarks that denigrated others and wished there was a bracelet to let others know, like a medical alert bracelet, that social injustice is bad for our health. So Social Justice Jewelry was born in 2016 with the creation of the Allergy cuff bracelet and the #powerofpeace logo  – the inner symbol is a West African symbol for power, strength, or bravery: the outer ring is made of olive branches signifying peace.
Mailing Address: P.O. 6022, Austin, TX 78762



What Does the Symbol Mean?

Social Justice Jewelry Logo

People have asked, "What does the symbol mean?" It is our registered trademark logo called the #powerofpeace symbol, composed of a hybrid of African, American, and global symbols – the inner symbol is the eagle’s talon or Okodee Mmowere an Adinkra West African symbol for power, strength, or bravery: the outer ring is made of olive branches which is on many US seals, an international symbol signifying peace.

Social Justice Jewelry is Values Driven

Respect and dignity for all. 
Intersectionality because all oppression is  connected! 
Inclusivity We are size inclusive. We see you and make jewelry for you too! 
Timeliness promoting current causes in a modern and innovative way. 
Empower our customers to make a difference in your communities.

Where can I find Social Justice Jewelry?

Social Justice Jewelry Stockists

Along with being available online, Social Justice Jewelry can be found at a number of stockists around the country. Check out our list of retailers.

Would you like to stock Social Justice Jewelry in your shop? Contact Alaine!

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